Friday, November 1, 2013

My last day of being 18

As I sit here writing this blog post I am living the last few hours of being an 18 year old. No longer shall I be able to use the excuse of being new to things as it has been my first year in the life after graduating high school (or as we call it here in New Zealand: college, which last the duration of five years from the age of 12/13 to 17/18). I have exams, assignments and endless tasks to do during my last two weeks left of the school year. At first I had my doubts in doing what I have been doing. But no. I shall not. I know that there is the all loving God. I am called to do his holy will, one that he has written for me and he has written a will for each and everyone of us. Our paths cross, dear reader as I write to you about the light of faith I live in. Blessings to you, may the good lord be your guide as I too have found comfort in the Lord. After exams i hope to get more involved in my community and to begin a new job (I will be my first job interview on Monday, please pray for me) so that I may build up on my skills and experiences. My 19 years shall be one of challenges, renewal of friendships: both new and old, and of course all things in God.

In Christo,


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