Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"State of Grace"-Taylor Swift

As the guitar riff sets in to the the sound of the drum beats, the sound of Taylor Swift's "State of Grace" song blasts through my music player. Every time this song plays it reminds me, as a Catholic young woman, what love really is, through the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

Okay so i admit it, I really am a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I didn't like her much at all when she first emerged to fame with her first album "Fearless". I remember thinking how could people like her music as it all sounded the same!? However, I do think she has improved as an artist with new sounds mixed in with her ever so sweet voice. Her lyrics in the "State of Grace" really speaks to me and reminds me of my Catholic duty.

We are precious and made in the image of our loving creator. Love made us, binds us and frees us and because of the latter, think? Are we really giving ourselves freedom if we make the wrong choices in love? What of the love we already have from our dear ones and our God?

"...all we know is touch and go" the first verse speaks to me of the culture presented to us that we as Catholic must fight against to protect our souls. This opposing culture comes in various forms of media, where there are hook ups, break ups, one night stands and all things of material goodness. All of those, they are empty. They neither provide the soul with grace nor any lasting satisfaction. Is this really the way these people choose to play love, as a "ruthless game", to give themselves away so easily and never being able to take it back. Ever. It is done and it is gone.

Singlehood is the time to grow and discover oneself.  "We are alone with our changing minds".  Being single shouldn't be rushed, despite the waiting, waiting, waiting? Know that you are precious and that God has made someone for you. He could be with you now as you read or the man who is waiting to meet you and be yours.

"And I never saw you coming", Swift sings, "And I'll never be the same".

"This is the state of grace
"This is a worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right"

In Christo,


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