Monday, January 6, 2014

First job

Hello my lovely dear readers,

I write this post to all who have started a new job recently and all others who are curious to read on further. In this post i shall write of my experience of being a young person, who has only finished my first year of study towards my bachelor of nursing degree. Myself, I have just started a new job last November as a caregiver in a rest home. This job has proved more difficult then I had initially thought and at times I feel as if I'm not doing good enough. I work too slow, or I get off track and don't remember the way things are ought to be done. These resident's cares are in my hands and sometimes i forget that i have to put myself in their shoes. Are those twisted knickers really going to be comfortable for the rest of the day? Will I be comfortable in this position and for this long? 

Before i get into more detail,  I shall describe to you a bit about my work. In the rest home, there are two wings. There is the rest home and the hospital. Regardless, of which wing the number of residents with some form or another of dementia makes up the majority of the 60 residents. It is important that dignity and as much Independence is maintained as possible. When you are old, there may or may not be alot of things left and it is what these residents bring with them. From the little property they decided to bring with them  to the memories they have retained and all things of the past, present and future, they are all so precious. It is their reality and it is the hands of us, the carers, the housekeepers, the chefs, kitchen hand, staff, family and friends and the wider community that peace shall be upon them and what they have left that they may enjoy. In Eric Erickson's theory, this stage in life is the stage of either integrity or despair. Regardless, there are some good days and some bad days and after all that is life, no matter on what spectrum of the continuum one is at. It is only natural in the cycle of life that we eventually slow down and deteriorate to the days where a great amount of dependence may be the result, like the ways of a newborn where feeding and prompting is needed. But no matter what, they are all precious and they are the result of love, lovers and God has the final decision to fate. 

How the workplace is structured is that the rest home provides meals and ensures that residents can be assisted with the daily activities of living , if need be. As caregivers, we are rostered on for shifts. The numbers ranges throughout a day on the wings. In the rest home we may get 1-3 caregivers and in the hospital 3-6. At a time there is one registered nurse on who overlooks the cares given, gives medication and interacts with the MDT. They must be assertive, responsible, flexible and on task to ensure that the best can be provided. 

I believe the skills i have learnt as a caregiver, are defiantly good to build on my communication skills, something that really needs to improve, especially more since the days of college as a shy teenager who has ambitions on becoming a nurse someday. The staff ranges with age and I am thankful I am not the only young face working there. Regardless, it is always an advantage to build a good rapport with colleagues and always ask if not sure of things. I guess its only time now that will deal with the will of God has given me, in regards to experiences and developing not just my work skills but also myself, as a young Catholic woman.

In Christo,


Friday, November 1, 2013

My last day of being 18

As I sit here writing this blog post I am living the last few hours of being an 18 year old. No longer shall I be able to use the excuse of being new to things as it has been my first year in the life after graduating high school (or as we call it here in New Zealand: college, which last the duration of five years from the age of 12/13 to 17/18). I have exams, assignments and endless tasks to do during my last two weeks left of the school year. At first I had my doubts in doing what I have been doing. But no. I shall not. I know that there is the all loving God. I am called to do his holy will, one that he has written for me and he has written a will for each and everyone of us. Our paths cross, dear reader as I write to you about the light of faith I live in. Blessings to you, may the good lord be your guide as I too have found comfort in the Lord. After exams i hope to get more involved in my community and to begin a new job (I will be my first job interview on Monday, please pray for me) so that I may build up on my skills and experiences. My 19 years shall be one of challenges, renewal of friendships: both new and old, and of course all things in God.

In Christo,


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"State of Grace"-Taylor Swift

As the guitar riff sets in to the the sound of the drum beats, the sound of Taylor Swift's "State of Grace" song blasts through my music player. Every time this song plays it reminds me, as a Catholic young woman, what love really is, through the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

Okay so i admit it, I really am a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I didn't like her much at all when she first emerged to fame with her first album "Fearless". I remember thinking how could people like her music as it all sounded the same!? However, I do think she has improved as an artist with new sounds mixed in with her ever so sweet voice. Her lyrics in the "State of Grace" really speaks to me and reminds me of my Catholic duty.

We are precious and made in the image of our loving creator. Love made us, binds us and frees us and because of the latter, think? Are we really giving ourselves freedom if we make the wrong choices in love? What of the love we already have from our dear ones and our God?

"...all we know is touch and go" the first verse speaks to me of the culture presented to us that we as Catholic must fight against to protect our souls. This opposing culture comes in various forms of media, where there are hook ups, break ups, one night stands and all things of material goodness. All of those, they are empty. They neither provide the soul with grace nor any lasting satisfaction. Is this really the way these people choose to play love, as a "ruthless game", to give themselves away so easily and never being able to take it back. Ever. It is done and it is gone.

Singlehood is the time to grow and discover oneself.  "We are alone with our changing minds".  Being single shouldn't be rushed, despite the waiting, waiting, waiting? Know that you are precious and that God has made someone for you. He could be with you now as you read or the man who is waiting to meet you and be yours.

"And I never saw you coming", Swift sings, "And I'll never be the same".

"This is the state of grace
"This is a worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right"

In Christo,


Saturday, July 20, 2013


First and foremost, I would like to welcome you dear reader to the beginnings of my blog. I hope that that this blog may flourish into something greater. Into who knows- perhaps a daffodil, a Carnation or a Baby's breath? A planted seed needs soil rich of nutrients for thought, the light of faith and water to be frequently cleansed. Join me to discover the Catholic faith, as I too learn about it and dwell upon the teachings of Holy Mother Church in the modern world.

In Christo,